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We took a quick day sail out to Lebanon Beach Club on Lebanon Island in the World group of islands. This island is commonly referred to as "the Island".
Located in Dubai's iconic World Islands development, Lebanon Island was the first development to open it's doors to the public.
The 500,000 square foot island boasts two beaches (one facing the picturesque Dubai skyline), a chilled swimming pool, Beach Volleyball court and a restaurant (which is licensed). Guests also have access to Paddle Boards and Kayaks.

Access to the island was straight forward. I contacted Nakheel a day prior and sent them a copy of my Marine Drivers License, Boat Registration, proof of insurance and their signed access agreement. I emailed the documents to bookings@theisland.ae. The booking office can be reached at (+971) 050-617-6507. Booking can be done through their website HERE but I didn't use the website, I emailed them directly.

Once approved, you will be granted access to the world Islands. Its been my experience that if you slow down as you enter, allow the security boat to call in your DP number, they'll usually wave you through. The trip to Lebanon Island is pretty straight forward. Depth in the larger channels were between 11m and 13m. On the approach to Lebanon Island, as the channel narrowed, I saw depths down to 6m. Depth on the outboard side of the dock was 6m. The attendant said that the depth on the inboard side of the dock was 3m. The dock is located at 25°13'30.10"N 55°10'09.38E. Hours you can visit on a day pass are from 11am - 6pm.

The attendant was very helpful and was waiting on the dock as we approached. He caught our lines and led us to the restaurant. There is a 100AED charge per person but the use of the dock was free for the day. We were asked to be back at the boat by 6pm to depart.

Both sides of the dock are usable and in good condition.



Beachfront Chalets are available to rent.

Swimming pool with lounge chairs and cabanas.


Large, bright, airy restaurant.


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From the southeast entrance of the world island, Lebanon Island is about 2.5 NM

Dock is located at 25°13'30.10"N 55°10'09.38E
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