Stainless Steel Split Rings and other Assorted Hardware


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I have been on the lookout for stainless steel split rings for my boat since she arrived here a year ago. You know the ones, theyre on the lifelines, pins for blocks, rigging, everywhere. I tried some from Ace and Speedex but they turned out to be a very low-grade stainless steel, or not stainless at all as they didn't last.

I found stainless steel split rings in about 4 different sizes at Hussaini Brothers in Jaddaf. In addition to spit rings, these guys carry just about every piece of hardware you could imagine for your boat. Their shop was thoroughly impressive with the variety they stocked.

Hours: Sat - Thu: 0800 – 1300; 1500 - 1800 Fri: closed
Phone number: +971 4 3243761


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